Avinash Bussa,

a Computer Science graduate turned UX Designer. Known to be the first person to introduce the term UX to the campus, family, friends, neighbors, and to many others, who asked me "What do you do for a living?"

The way to the peak 🏔 is never so easy, isn't it? I didn't hit stones or sold pancakes but I did have a hard time convincing people and mostly myself about an industry that no one around me aware of. And, that's where the journey has begun, with research.

They say "Who taught chameleon how to change colors", I wish it was that easy for humans. For me the path was a broken bridge and I was looking for someone to lend me a hand and that's when I met Gautham, Currently at Google, Ex-Microsoft, My Guru. Cannot forget the one who made me what I'm.

Working with agencies became my routine for 5 years now. I love it. Different ideas, different people, different cultures, tight boundaries, there were enough challenges to stick to. The working style in agencies is li'l different, you're confined to not give your 100%. Sometimes it's the time or money, other times it's the client or management, reasons are endless. One thing we can certainly learn here is to let go of unfinished designs into the market. If you ask me if I'm happy doing this, I'd say "I believe in learning from your failures". Rather than figuring out how to do it, I figure out how not to do it.

A one-liner to understand my personality:
  "I believe results are defined by actions, fate has nothing to do with it".

On the other hand, I continue to spread joy regardless.